Faculty Directory

Core Faculty Directory

Below you will find the names and Georgetown e-mail addresses for the core faculty teaching for the Security Studies Program.  Clicking on a name will bring to you to that faculty member's individual faculty profile page. 

Please Note: University policy does not allow the release of personal contact information, other than the Georgetown e-mail address, for any of our faculty, past or present.

SSP Core Faculty

Elizabeth Arsenault ejg28@georgetown.edu
Daniel Byman dlb32@georgetown.edu
David Edelstein dme7@georgetown.edu
Robert Egnell rce26@georgetown.edu
Christine Fair ccf33@georgetown.edu
Bruce Hoffman brh6@georgetown.edu
Colin Kahl chk34@georgetown.edu
Keir Lieber kal25@georgetown.edu
Oriana Skylar Mastro om116@georgetown.edu
Thomas McNaugher tlm47@georgetown.edu
Elizabeth Stanley es63@georgetown.edu