Faculty Directory

Faculty Directory

Below you will find the names and Georgetown e-mail addresses for the core faculty teaching for the Security Studies Program.  Clicking on a name will bring to you to that faculty member's individual faculty profile page. 

Please Note: University policy does not allow the release of personal contact information, other than the Georgetown e-mail address, for any of our faculty, past or present.

SSP Core Faculty

Elizabeth Arsenault ejg28@georgetown.edu
Daniel Byman dlb32@georgetown.edu
David Edelstein dme7@georgetown.edu
Robert Egnell rce26@georgetown.edu
Christine Fair ccf33@georgetown.edu
Bruce Hoffman brh6@georgetown.edu
Colin Kahl chk34@georgetown.edu
Keir Lieber kal25@georgetown.edu
Oriana Skylar Mastro om116@georgetown.edu
Thomas McNaugher tlm47@georgetown.edu
Elizabeth Stanley es63@georgetown.edu



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Adam Lovinger

Andrew Herr

Andrew May

Anne Speckhard

Bradford Wineman

Brent Sterling

Carter Malkasian

Charles Lloyd

Christopher Taylor

Christopher Swift

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

David Barno

David Fahrenkrug

Daniel Kaniewski

Daniel Zisenwine

David Berteau

David Johnson

David Mosher

David Ochmanek

David Worn

Derek Smith

Dieter Dettke

Elizabeth Prescott

Gale Mattox

Gary Shiffman

Haroon Ullah

James Bruce

James Carafano

James Dubik

Jeffrey Mankoff

Jim Jochum

John Gordon

Joseph Collins

Kate Marquis

Keith Hrebenak

Kenneth Pollack

Kevin O'Connell

Lincoln Krause

Margaret Hayes

Matthew Babin

Michael Delurey

Michael Meese

Nora Bensahel

Olof Kronvall

Paul Sullvian

Peter Belk

Ray Takeyh

Scott Harold

Sean McFate

Sean Nolan

Stephanie Ahern

Steven Levine

Tammy Schultz