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Title: Alumni Profile: Amanda Rivkin (’11)

Date Published: November 7, 2018

Amanda Rivkin, a 2011 graduate, worked as a photographer covering politics, social issues and features for publications in the U.S. and Europe prior to beginning SSP. Highlights of this time in her life include covering Obama’s Election Night victory rally in Grant Park, Chicago, being the only photographer with former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich traveling with him his final day in Office, and covering stories around the financial crisis. Georgetown was Rivkin’s first exposure to military and intelligence culture. Having the opportunity to work with professors on the frontline of some of the biggest geopolitical events of her time and often before in small seminar style classes that can often take on a bunker-like feel is now an irreplaceable part of her intellectual formation.

After completing SSP, Amanda spent a year in Azerbaijan on a Fulbright fellowship. Coupled with her immense experiences in photojournalism, SSP gave Rivkin the tools necessary to use her passion for photojournalism in the realm of activism and advocacy. Her career has allowed her to be at the epicenter of historical, and defining moments in our world- though she mentions that in recent times, this has been somewhat daunting. She reflects on the state of the media today as being “entirely different than ten years ago”. She goes on to say that “I cannot predict where these trends will shift but a basic thing will remain: people enjoy interesting stories”.

Recently, Rivkin accepted a new job until May as a paralegal assistant at Durkin and Roberts, one of the busier national security law firms in the country.