Peacekeeping and Security

Prospects for Peace Operations: Institutional and National Dimensions

Dr. Donald Daniel's work focuses on on trends in and prospects for regional and national capacities to undertake peace operations.  In his upcoming book he and his coauthors examine the the backdrop of what regional institutions and ad hoc coalitions are doing to carry out their own missions.

Click here to see Dr. Daniel's database project on National Troop Contributions to Peace Operations.

U.S. Military and Peacekeeping Missions

Dr. Tammy Schultz is researching the U.S. military's reluctance to establish forces designed for peacekeeping missions. In particular, she is focusing on the interaction of service cultures with other explanatory variables. She is conducting dozens of important interviews that will be an important part of the historical record on this issue. Her upcoming book will have much to teach about military innovation and resistance to it, as well as how the United States can better prepare for future peacekeeping operations.