Language Study Scholarships

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences provides Language Scholarships for classes below the 350 level during the the fall and spring semesters. Courses beyond the introductory level may have prerequisites and students may need to contact the relevant language department in order to be able to register for these courses. More information regarding these scholarships may be found in the SSP Language Scholarship Policies. Students may also refer to the GSAS policies regarding language scholarships. Additional questions regarding language scholarships should be directed to your academic advisor. 

SSP Merit Scholarship Awards

These awards are highly competitive. The total number of merit scholarships is based on the availability of funds, and therefore may differ each semester.  The merit award may provide a maximum tuition benefit of 50% to any student not already receiving a merit scholarship. SSP will award up to five merit scholarships each fall and spring semester to the students with the highest cumulative GPA who have completed a minimum of 18 credit hours.

Fall term grades will be reviewed the second week of January, in order to be considered for the spring semester. Spring term grades will be reviewed each June, in order to be considered for the fall semester.  This timing allows for all grades to post and for funding balances to be calculated.

Students who already receive scholarship awards will be included in the review process and are allowed to receive up to an additional 50% tuition increase. (I.e., If a student receives a 50% award from SSP, it is possible they could receive a one-time tuition award of 100%. If a student is currently receiving a 25% merit award, they could receive a one-time tuition award up of 75%.) Merit awards cannot exceed 100% of the tuition due.

Director’s SSP Citizenship Award

Students with a strong GPA are encouraged to submit a one page explanation describing their contribution to SSP, their fellow students, and the Georgetown University community. The purpose of this award is to recognize a student for their total effort, service as well as academics. A candidate will be chosen by the Director after a holistic review of all applicants that takes into account contributions to the program, school, and university along with academic performance and the professional demeanor and actions of the student. This award may result in up to a 50% tuition award for one semester.

To apply for the Director’s Citizenship Award, a one-page essay (350-500 words) should be submitted using this Google form (GU login required). For the fall term, please submit your essay by December 15 at 5:00 pm. For the spring term, please submit your essay by June 15 at 5:00 pm. Nominations of fellow students will also be considered.

Summer Grants

SSP offers funding to current students to assist with domestic or international summer research, language immersion, and domestic or international internships. Students apply for Summer Grants in the semester prior to their summer plans. Details about the application process and deadlines will be sent out in the Weekly Brief in the spring semester.