The Georgetown Security Studies Review (GSSR) is the official academic review of Georgetown University’s Center for Security Studies. Its mission is to contribute to security policy debates by exposing both specialists and general interest readers to a wide array of perspectives on both current and historical international affairs issues. In addition to full-length peer-reviewed articles, issues of GSSR feature literature reviews, letters to the editors, and op-ed pieces.

SSP students are encouraged to contribute either to the Review or to the GSSR Forum, an online-only component of GSSR which hopes to contribute to ongoing debates about U.S. foreign policy, national security, and international security.

Fall 2018 Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Rebekah Kennel

Rebekah Kennel is an M.A. candidate in the Security Studies Program, concentrating in international security. Prior to serving as Editor-in-Chief, Rebekah was the Associate Editor for Asia. Rebekah has worked on security sector reform with the EU and INGOs in Burma. Her current research interests examine China-United States relations and in particular the national security implications of the strategies and policies that China will seek to put in place to manage its military, economic and demographic challenges in order fulfill its national rejuvenation. Rebekah is a graduate of the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies and Honors Program at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Deputy Editor: Samuel Seitz

Samuel Seitz is an M.A. candidate in the Security Studies Program, concentrating in international security. Sam has worked with the MoD on defense coordination between the United Kingdom and United States and has conducted research on the EU’s PESCO initiative. His current research interests include transatlantic relations, particularly as they relate to military and intelligence coordination, European integration, German foreign policy, and the political economy of the Eurozone. Sam is concurrently completing his undergraduate degree in Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, majoring in International Politics and European Studies.

Associate Editor for Africa: Stephanie Harris

Associate Editor for the Americas: Kelley Shaw

Associate Editor for Europe: Daniel Cebul

Associate Editor for Indo-Pacific: Brigitta Schuchert

Associate Editor for the Middle East: Simone Bak

Associate Editor for National Security & the Military: Eric Altamura

Associate Editor for South and Central Asia: Timothy Cook

Associate Editor for Technology & Cyber Security: Max Freeman

Associate Editor for Terrorism & Counterterrorism: Stan Sundel