SFS Graduate Certificates

Most SFS Graduate Certificates can be completed concurrently with the M.A. in Security Studies. Students work with the academic advising staff  to map out their course plans to accommodate the requirements of a certificate program alongside their regular M.A. requirements.

Certificate in Arab Studies

Graduate students interested in pursuing an area competence on the modern Arab world in conjunction with their major disciplines may enroll in the Certificate of Arab Studies, which is administered by the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies. The Certificate is offered both at the Master's and Doctoral level.

Each candidate for the graduate Certificate must, by the completion of his or her studies, demonstrate a reading or oral knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic or conversational competence in a spoken Arabic dialect. The Certificate candidate at the Master's level must complete a minimum of 15 graduate credits of Arab area courses, not including acquisition level language courses, chosen for the coherence and support they give to the student's academic and career objectives. 

A student desiring admission to the graduate Certificate of Arab Studies must first be accepted for the advanced degree program of a department at Georgetown. In conference with the Director of the Program of Arab Studies, prior to initial registration, the student determines a total program of studies leading to the Certificate. For an application, please contact  Kelli Harris, Academic Program coordinator.

Certificate in Asian Studies

The Asian Studies Graduate Certificate is awarded to individuals already admitted to a Georgetown University graduate program who have completed the relevant requirements.

Students who wish to register for the certificate are asked to do so by the end of their first  semester, but no later than the end of the first year of their graduate studies program. It is important for students to declare their interest in the Graduate Certificate early to ensure future course planning for the following academic year. Candidates for the Asian Studies Graduate Certificate must register with the Asian Studies Program. Candidates for the certificate must demonstrate proficiency in a language indigenous to Asia. For more information, please contact Robert Lyons.

 Certificate in Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies

Currently enrolled students in the graduate programs of the School of Foreign Service (SFS) and the McDonough School of Business may earn a certificate in Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies. The curriculum for the certificate is individually designed in consultation with the student's home program. The certificate requires 15 credits and evidence of proficiency in an appropriate language of the region. Please contact, Ben Loring at CERES.

Landegger Program in International Business Diplomacy

The primary mission of the Landegger Program is to train students for work at the intersection of international public and private sector activities. These young professionals, highly attuned to and knowledgeable of the demands and requirements of both sectors, will help bridge the differences in perception and communication that often separate these vital segments of society. The Landegger Program training provides the academic foundation upon which students pursue their individual opportunities, as well as promote broader societal goals around the world.

The Landegger Program is an honors certificate program that offers students the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary course of study that complements their academic interests and degree. We deliver to a select number of honors students a rigorous academic program that emphasizes the role of business in the international arena.

The program integrates coursework in business ethics and global business management. Landegger Program classes combine an intensive case method approach to global corporate operations with an analysis of key economic and political issues in international trade, finance, and investment.

Fulfillment of the Honors Certificate Program requires a minimum of six qualifying courses (18 credits), with at minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5.

1. One Gateway course is with an honors grade of A- or better is required.

2. Students (except MBA students) must complete a compulsory course in Accounting and Finance.

3. Students are encouraged to focus their remaining four or more courses on a specific professional concentration. Each student's broader degree program provides other complementary courses in economics, politics, history and cross-cultural understanding.

4. All students must also pass a proficiency examination in at least one foreign language.

***Please note that you may be required you to stay an extra semester at Georgetown in order to complete both this certificate and the MA of Security Studies. Please contact Rosie O'Neill  for more information about this IBD certificate. 

Refugees and Humanitarian Emergencies

Main Campus students are required to take Introduction to Humanitarian Crises, which provides an overview of major principles, legal frameworks, theories, operational concerns and public policy issues. In consultation with their faculty advisor, students will choose an additional five courses from a broader list of offerings designated for certificate credit. Please fill out this application and return to Professors Martin or Schoenholtz.


To ensure broad coverage of the field, each student must take at least one course on:

• forced migration and humanitarian emergencies/disaster relief

• human rights

• conflict/post-conflict related issues