General FAQ 

  1. Where do I register and/or preregister?  Students register (and preregister) in MyAccess.
  2. Where can I find a campus map? Georgetown Campus Map Directory
  3. Where is the Academic Calendar? Here is the link
  4. Where can I access Blackboard? Blackboard
  5. Where can I access my email?  Georgetown Apps and Email
  6. Who should I call if I have trouble with my password? University Information Services (UIS) at help@georgetown.edu or call them at 202-687-4949.
  7. Where do I find course details?  In the Schedule of Classesselect the desired term and for the subject choose "Security Studies", at the bottom of the page click on class search. You will find all the necessary details; including class meeting days/time, instructor's name, and any pre-requisites or restrictions. To determine if there are any open seats available for the course select the course title. You will be able to view the seats remaining for the course.
  8. Where is the Registrar’s office? In the basement of White Gravenor (Phone: 202-687-4020).
  9. Where is the Student Accounts Office? In the basement of White Gravenor (Phone: 202-687-7100) or email studentaccounts@georgetown.edu.
  10. Where is the Financial Aid Office? In Heally Hall, Room G-19 in the basement level (Phone: 202-687-4547).
  11. Where is the Student Health Center? In Darnall Hall, Ground level (Phone: 202-687-2200). All incoming students are required to fill-in an immunization form. This form should be returned to the Student Heath Center. Students who do not submit this form will be not be able to register. (Student Health Center, Ground Floor, Darnall Hall, 3800 Reservoir Road, NW, Washington, DC 20007).
  12. How many classes may I take in the summer? Continuing SSP students may take 2 courses during the total summer sessions. Naval Academy VGEP students may take 4 courses during the summer. Incoming students may not take summer classes before their official enrollment. Incoming students for fall may not take classes in the summer semester.
  13. How do I sign up for Health Insurance through the University? Full-time students may sign up for Georgetown's Student health insurance in MyAccess before the beginning of the semester. You will be required to accept or waive health Insurance. For more information call the Georgetown Health Insurance Office at 202-687-4883 or email at shi@georgetown.edu. They are located at Henle Village 31 on campus.
  14. Where can I park on campus? Current University students (with valid ID), including evening students, may park in the Southwest Garage after 5:00 pm for a fee of $3.00. Cars must be removed by 6:00 am the following morning. For more information, please contact the Office of Transportation Management (202-687-4372).
  15. Why do I need a GoCard? The GoCard office is located in the GU Bookstore located in the Leavey Center. The GoCard is a campus ID card used for the following: Access card for campus buildings, library, and the GUTS bus; On and off campus debit card; Official identification card; Printing card; Copy card; Parking car.
  16. For new entering students: Please bring in your filled in Course of Study Plan Form to Orientation.  Here are the courses offered during the academic year. Please note that some courses may change next year, but generally about 90% of the courses will remain the same. This form is used as a guide for course planning. We also track your graduation based on the information provided. During your time at SSP, if you need to alter the graduation date, please email your academic counselor.
  17. Free bus Shuttle to Campus: The GUTS Bus is a free shuttle from Rosslyn, Virginia and other locations in the district.
  18. How do I make an in-person advising appointment? Please make an appointment on our automated calendar.
  19. How do I register for courses? Visit the Registar's Office website for details. Please note that new students do not go through pre-registration, and will be contacted separately.
  20. Where can I find more information about the St Andrews Exchange Program? Here is the latest information.