Connect with SSP

Prospective students are encouraged to connect with SSP to learn more about our program and the application process. SSP offers a number of ways for applicants to connect with our admissions staff including informational interviews, online chats, and at graduate admissions fairs both across the U.S. and abroad.

Informational interviews offer a chance for prospective applicants to speak one on one with a member of the SSP admissions team. To accommodate those individuals not located the Washington, D.C. metro area, SSP offers informational interviews over the phone and via Skype, as well as in person.

Additionally, during the application season, SSP regularly holds online chats, which are hosted by Georgetown University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and conducted by members of the SSP admissions team.

Each year SSP also travels outside the Washington, D.C. area to engage with applicants across the U.S., as well as abroad.

To learn more about how to connect with SSP, please visit the relevant pages.

Prospective student are also encouraged to follow SSP on Twitter.