Alumni Mentor Program

The SSP Alumni Mentor Program helps current students cultivate a network of contacts in the professional security community. Students that sign up for the program are assigned to a participating SSP alumnus or alumna who is employed within a security subfield or organization in which the student has expressed an interest. Ideally, the mentor relationship begins during the student's first semester and progresses to the point where the mentor can make specific career suggestions, serve as a reference and potentially help the student forge additional professional relationships.

How to Register for the Student-Alumni Mentor Program

In order to participate, students are encouraged to schedule a meeting with Payton Tanner to discuss their career goals. In addition, students must submit the following:

  • Resume

Once a student has been put into contact with an alumni mentor, he or she is expected to make a good-faith effort to cultivate the relationship. The student-alumni mentor experience can be an extremely rewarding, but like any good relationship, it requires an investment of time and energy.

For alumni interested in participating as a mentor in this program, please complete this application form.


"The connection I made through the mentoring program at SSP has been invaluable to me and my future career. The professional advice given to me by my mentor has also served to allay my fears and give me confidence in my abilities and prospects in the future."—SSP Student, Class of 2009

"My mentor has been a valuable sounding board as I have gone through the job search process. The reassurance I have received has been as valuable as the advice."—SSP Student, Class of 2007

"The mentor experience provided me with an in-depth look on how certain jobs affect one's family life. In that regard, my mentor definitely gave me a lot more things to mull over before jumping into any particular field of work."—SSP Student, Class of 2007