The Security Studies Program is committed to assisting students and alumni establish professional careers to match individual strengths and interests. The program enhances the academic education of SSP students with tools to succeed in the competitive work environment.

The staff of the School of Foreign Service Graduate Career Center works individually with students to target opportunities in all branches of the federal government, private firms, non-profit organizations and research institutions. Students in the Security Studies Program also have access to resources offered in the Career Education Center in the Leavey Center, such as skills workshops, career fairs, and have access to the extensive resource library.   

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SFS Graduate Career Center

One – on – One Career Consultations and Counseling

To schedule an appointment with the SFS Graduate Career Center, visit Walsh Works.

The SFS Graduate Career Center is a career center exclusively for graduate students in the SFS, Department of Government, and Public Policy Institute. Its staff of career counselors works with students to target their career search to specific fields and opportunities. A tremendously important aspect of the SSP student experience is the nexus between academic and professional development. With this in mind, the Graduate Career Center staff helps students identify opportunities that will facilitate the achievement of their professional goals, while simultaneously allowing them to strike a healthy balance between academic and workplace obligations.

In addition, counselors meet with students to prepare job application documents, such as resumes, cover letters and thank you notes. The staff has an in-depth knowledge of the professional security community and works with students to build new – and improve upon existing – materials. With a textured understanding of document aesthetics and the ability to spot grammatical pitfalls, the Career Center helps students create top-notch job documents that serve as invaluable tools during the job search process.

The counselors of the Center also assist students in preparing for job interviews – both formal and informational – and host mock interviews to help students fine tune their skills and presentation. Mock interviews allow students to practice answering questions that are likely to be asked during real interviews and to assess and improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills before a real interview takes place.