The mission of the Security Studies Program is to teach a new generation of analysts, policymakers, and scholars to think critically and act responsibly in the face of the 21st century’s most pressing national and international security problems.

SSP combines both academic rigor and policy relevance to offer students the best of both worlds.

Quality Academics

The Security Studies Program is a multidisciplinary course of study designed to prepare graduates for positions within the defense and security fields. The SSP curriculum is designed to give students a broad array of course options which provide a solid foundation in core security issues. SSP offers over 80 courses addressing numerous areas of study, from traditional intelligence and defense analysis to emerging issues such as the perils of peace operations or the intricacies of information warfare. The depth and breadth of its course offerings stimulate students to pursue their intellectual and professional interests and develop their own areas of specialization. Learn more about the courses we offer, the concentrations available to students, and the program requirements.

Unique Flexibility

SSP offers a unique and flexible schedule that accommodates a wide range of students. Most of SSP’s classes are offered in the evening, giving students the option for either full-time or part-time study, and summer courses are offered to allow students the ability to complete the program in two years even when studying part-time. Young professionals are able to apply their recent theoretical undergraduate education to practical policy applications. Students with mid- to long-term experience in the military, intelligence, and defense contracting sectors enhance their practical knowledge with critical thinking, analytical writing, and theory-based solutions. Class sizes are capped at 18 students, allowing students to learn not only from their professors, but from their peers. Learn more about part-time opportunities on our Academic Planning page.