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Image of Zack Hosford

Alumni Profile: Zack Hosford (’13)

Zack Hosford chose SSP after extensive experience in the security field. He used his education to further his career with work for the Center for New American Security, the Department of Defense, and Senator Edward J. Markey.

Image of Georgetown University

Alumni Profile: Kathleen Cylkowski (’07)

Kathleen Cylkowski (07′) used her SSP experience to embark upon a career that includes time at Booz Allen Hamilton, conducting research in Afghanistan, and serving as a nurse-midwife in the U.S. Army.

Image of Chinese Intercontinental Missile

Faculty Article: The Coming Middle East Missile Arms Race

In the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, adjunct Bilal Y. Saab looks at the current passivity of the US in the Middle East as a reason for states to further their defense systems, possibly initiating an arms race.

President Clinton with Prime Minister Rabin and Chairman Arafat.

Faculty Article: Will There be a Third Intifada?

Published in Lawfare, on the 25th anniversary of the Oslo Accords Prof. Byman looks back at the past two decades of Israeli-Palestinian relations and what implications they carry for the future of peace.

Soldiers at the Lebanese border

Faculty Article: Another War in Lebanon?

In Lawfare, Prof. Dan Byman analyzes the most recent developments in the troubled relationship between Israel and Lebanon’s ruling party, Hezbollah, to determine the likelihood of a renewed Israeli military operation in within Lebanese borders.