The Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (BSFS)/SSP 5 year M.A. program is an accelerated degree program that allows BSFS students to gain admission to SSP during their junior year and graduate with both a BSFS degree and a Master of Arts in Security Studies in 5 years.

This is a highly competitive program, open to only the most qualified students in the BSFS program. To be eligible to apply, students must have cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better and must receive the support of their BSFS Dean. Students who apply without securing the support of their Dean will be automatically rejected. The GRE is not required to apply to this program.

Students must apply during the first semester of their junior year, with the intention of enrolling in the program at the start of their senior year. Students who have progressed beyond the first semester of their junior year are not eligible to apply for this program. Applications to this program may only be submitted for the January 15th application deadline.

All applicants to this program must meet with a member of the SSP admissions staff as part of the application process. Applicants who do not meet with a member of the SSP admissions staff will be automatically rejected.

The program allows admitted students to double count up to a maximum of 4 courses towards both their BSFS and SSP degrees. Admitted students will begin enrolling in SSP classes their senior year. All BSFS/SSP 5 year M.A. students are required to take the Theory and Practice of Security (SEST 500) and Grand Strategy and Military Operations (SEST 501) in their first semester in the program. Once students have completed their BSFS degrees, they will be allowed to enroll as full-time master’s students.

Students interested in pursuing the BSFS/SSP 5 year M.A. degree should consult with their undergraduate dean both before and throughout the application process. Successful applicants will need to work closely with both their BSFS Dean and their SSP academic advisor to ensure that courses taken satisfy the requirements of both degrees.