• Welcome


    Welcome to the Center for Security Studies, bringing together experts and scholars from every discipline who study international security issues.

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  • Congratulations Graduates

    Congratulations Graduates

    The Security Studies Program graduated yet another group of outstanding scholars on May 20th, 2016.

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  • The Security Studies Podcast

    The Security Studies Podcast

    invites SSP faculty to discuss the most pressing and complex global security issues of today.

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  • Staff Ride to Gettysburg

    Staff Ride to Gettysburg

    Professors gave students an interactive tour of Gettysburg's battlefields on May 9th.

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  • The Future of Terrorism

    The Future of Terrorism

    Georgetown & St. Andrews University Conference took place on Thursday, April 28th and Friday, April 29th 2016.

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  • Domestic Dimensions of China's Foreign Policy

    Domestic Dimensions of China's Foreign Policy

    This year's Bilden Asian Studies Conference returned to the United States Institute of Peace on April 7th, 2016 to discuss a variety of issues and challenges surrounding the domestic dimensions of Chinese foreign policy.

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  • CSS-Ntrepid Cyber Symposium

    CSS-Ntrepid Cyber Symposium

    The 2nd CSS-Ntrepid Cyber Symposium, featuring two SSP student fellows, is scheduled for Monday, April 18. Ntrepid recently hosted the inaugural SSP Cyber 101 Workshop, free for all SSP students.

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  • GSSR


    Georgetown Security Studies Review (GSSR), the official online academic review of Georgetown University’s Security Studies Program, was founded and is operated entirely by SSP students. Check out their newest publication here!

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  • SSP Flag Football Game

    SSP Flag Football Game

    SSP Student Council hosted the bi-annual flag football game versus AU on Friday, November 13th.

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Secure Our World, Advance Your Career

Georgetown University’s Center for Security Studies (CSS) in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service offers an expansive curriculum, in-depth research, and critical dialogue on security issues. 

As the oldest and most respected master’s degree program in its field, the Security Studies Program (SSP) is dedicated to preparing a new generation of analysts, policymakers, and scholars fully knowledgeable about the range of international and national security problems and foreign policy issues of the 21st Century.

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